Wheelchair Winter Sport

Welcome to the HOME PAGE of the Wheelchair Winter Sports Foundation

The Prime objective of the WWSF is;

'To enable people who cannot Skate, Ski or Board standing due to a disability to take part in these activities'

The function of this site is to provide you with an overview of what is available.


(c) Phil Gee - Lillehammer 

 'Dry' Slope Skiing

(c) Phil Gee - Mark Goes Mad in Yeovil 

 Adaptive skiing

(c) Phil Gee - Mel & Lisa -Verbier 


 Nordic Skiing

(c) Phil Gee - Inverness 


 Ice Sled Skating For FUN

Ice sledding Plymouth UK (c) Phil G 


 Ice Sled Racing

(c) Phil Gee - Lilehammer  


 Ice Sledge Hockey

(C) Phil Gee - Norway v GB 

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