Using Card Masks

A Pin Registration board can be made using the pin positions of a standard lever arch folder hole punch. Whilst not as precise as the Animators pin registration system it is cheap and adequate for this 1:1 scale of work.

Sketch the scene then photocopy onto card say 100g red, cut away waste ( but retain ) then assemble using lines on largest as a guide and punch the full set whilst assembled.

The next step is to produce a tonal pallete (test strip) for the paper you intend to use by exposing same to light for set intervals of time and developing giving a gradation from solid black to base white


Resulting image

Masking Tech © Phil Gee

The hazy sun top right was created by placing a 2p on the paper before the last exposure with all cards removed.

Click on the above image to see further examples

Refer to notes on 'In Camera Pin Registration Techniques' and Use of the 'Matte Box'

NB. Readers need to remember this technique was used before the days of Photoshop and digital image capture.
In 1984 when some of these images were made, Digital imaging was in its infancy Photoshop was four years away for the Mac platform and Windows platform users has some eight years to wait; so doing what we consider a few minutes work now, took hrs if not days.