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Philip fits the mould of an modern day Polymath holding many Engineering, Management and Education Qualifications in addition to which he has wide experience of the Imaging, Media, Hospitality and Entertainment industries. He also holds Master Craftsman status not only being able to design but to realize them.

At 15yrs of age he joined M+P Manchester as an apprentice through on the job training and intensive part time study he progressed within the organization; where he eventually met his soon to be wife.
This resulted in a dramatic career move, into full time post grad education. On completion of which he took up a post lecturing in the South West of England
Whilst there he started many new courses including Industrial Management, Control Systems, Imaging Art and Science... In addition to his educational responsibilities he was involved in establishing and running Branches of The Institution of Works Managers and British Institute of Management (now combined as the Charted Management Institute), Productivity Association, and the Creative Arts.

He co-founded a Photographic and Fashion Studio promoting the fine leather and craft industry.

His 'PhotoGraphic' and Audio Visual presentations have been seen at numerous Fashion and Ski events including the prestigious Paris, Milan and London shows.
He was on the verge of giving up Lecturing when he was offered the challenge of setting up a Photographic and Electronic Imaging section which appealed to his interest in combining scientific and fine arts 'techniques'.
His seminal work on 'Photography as a Vehicle for Learning' was seen by Frank Hawkins OBE, FBIPP, FRPS (HM. Inspector) who encouraged Philip to continue developing the work resulting in the International Hasselblad Foundation Award, which he used through the Photographic Education Group with the help of Frank introducing it into the curriculum of other educational establishments.
The British Institute of Professional Photographers and the Royal Photographic Society have awarded him distinctions.
He introduced City & Guilds Photography courses into the curriculum and also acted as an Examiner/Moderator.
For the last ten years of his work in education he was involved in many projects ranging from, establishing Photography as a part of Special Needs Education to Imaging techniques for HND & Degree Archaeology students, from Photo Microscopy to High Speed Photography, from Bromoil Printing to Computer Graphics from Studio Portraiture to Winter Sports Photography.

 Gritstone Tigers

Nev and Phil schoolboy Gritstone Tigers

 Mark Phil Brian - Canadian Champ's (c) Phil Gee
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Mark, Phil and Brian
at the Canadian Championships
Sunshine Meadows Banff

In his spare time he has been a tireless worker for various charities and was able to put his engineering and design skills to good use; producing adaptive equipment enabling people with a disability to take up winter sports.
He was also involved in coaching and as team manager, representing Britain at many International Winter Sports events including a number of World Championships and Winter Paralympics.
Unfortunately he had a serious accident which caused his premature retirement from education and curtailed his active participation in winter sports (and turned his hair white!).
As part of his rehabilitation he developed an interest in local politics and was elected Chairman of his Local Council three times. Under his chairmanship it achieved Quality Council Status; that done he gave up politics and is now concentrating on personal projects, not just photography and video but oil painting under the guiding hand of his artist wife, together they are building a new studio in Cornwall.




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