Nomarski Differential Interference Contrast System (DIC)

Whilst the Nomarski technique is often used to enhance the contrast of unstained transparent biological samples it can be used in a metallurgical microscope to investigate reflective and semitransparent subjects.

It uses the principle of interferometry to make visible, 'invisible structures' due to the variations in the optical density of transparent materials the colours produced represent these variations in density (refractive index) due to the interference of two adjacent rays of polarized light, the variations in density causes a change in phase of the rays relative to one another which causes constructive and destructive interference resulting in the vibrant images.

Nomarski DIC © Phil GeeNomarski DIC © Phil GeeNomarski DIC © Phil Gee

Images of integrated circuits on a silicon chip photographed onto Kodacrome 64

Nomarski DIC © Phil Gee
Nomarski DIC © Phil Gee

Nomarski DIC © Phil Gee

The background in the last shot is a fracture surface of a silicon chip this was used in a title slide produced in pre Photoshop days by creating a litho mask of the graphics and in effect 'burning it out' onto a slide during the duping process. The copyright info was added some 25 years later in seconds using PhotoshopCS3

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