A day in July

Camera system: Canon; Lens 24 -105 mm all shots taken at 105mm Body 40D
Hand Held no flash used, RAW file format,
Digital Darkroom:
Aperture2 no Post Processing, Cropped to 16:9 HDTV ratio, sized and saved for web - medium res .jpg

Copyright © Phil Gee

Sometimes called Fox & Cubs, also known as Orange Hawkweed.
(Scientific name Hieracium aurianticum).
It's an introduced species, which tends to be
found on waste ground, banks, roadsides and railway banks.

Copyright © Phil Gee
Copyright © Phil Gee


(Scientific name Campanula rotundifolia)

Venus's Looking Glass

(Scientific name Legoussia hybrida)

Copyright © Phil Gee
Copyright © Phil Gee

Lesser Burdock

(Scientific name Arctium minus)

Dock © Phil Gee
© Phil Gee


(Scientific name Senecio jacobaea)

Check out the work of local Ecologist Barry Soames, his web site: The Naturalist's Shack