Sinar X - 5x4 camera

In order to use a digital back on a Large Format camera in this case a Sinar X the 5x4 back is removed and the sliding back is positioned as shown and secured by sliding the holding clips into place.

It is shown in the focusing position with the ground glass screen in place

Sliding Back © Phil Gee


The assembly slides across as shown below bringing the digital back mounting plate into position behind the lens, because the Large Format back is 5" (125mm) wide and the digital sensor only 48mm or 37mm wide depending upon it's orientation it is possible to take a series of overlapping images which can be subsequently combined by software.

As the sensor is flush with the back it is not prone to vignetting as is the case when Digital SLR's are attached to the rear standard, so it is possible by use of the sliding back and a combination of horizontal shift and rise and fall of the back to take a series of overlapping shots to the maximum of the lens image circle

© Phil Gee

Here you can see a Hasselblad H series roll film 58mm x 42.5mm (120) back in place in the shot below, this could just as easily be a 'H' series digital back I use a 48mm x 37mm format 39 MPix CCD sensor back.
Or any in the 'H' series range including the Multishot series enabling up to 200MPix true colour images to be captured.

© Phil  Gee

Now all the normal technical camera movements are available, the digital back is connected to a computer in this case a Mac Book Pro via a Fire Wire 800 cable this powers the back and enables the images to be viewed and downloaded .

Aperture and Shutter speed are set on the lens assembly and shutter triggered in the normal fashion, the Digital Back is triggered via the lens flash synchrinised connection.