Focus stacking is a technique where you take as series of exposures in which the depth of the image is sliced by a series of Planes of Principle Focus (PPF) and the 'Zones of Focus' associated with each slice overlap so when the 'within limits'* portions are combined the result is an image where the depth of field is equal to the limits of the closest and the furthest zone.

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Subject to front element 86cm, extension 6.5cm

Camera 5D ISO 200 ƒ16 @ 1/20 Lens 70-200mm ƒ2.8L @200mm
Mirror lock up exposure, three slices positioning Plane of Principle Focus (PPF) by moving camera

 Min' DoF required 9cm (3. 5/8")

Three Slices - Moving Camera to shift PPF

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 Copyright © Phil Gee -

Slice 1.

PPF on Anther - Stamen and Petals out of Zone of Focus

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Slice 2.

PPF on Stamen - Petals and Anther out of Zone of Focus

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Slice 3.

PPF on the hairs on Petals, Anthers and Stamen out of Zone of Focus



The 'in focus' zones of the three images are combined to give the final image

Combined image © Phil Gee

* refer notes on Circles of Confusion