The 'Digital Dark Room' as part of the creative cycle

One if not the most important pieces of equipment in the DDR is a comfy chair!

In this electronic age various functions or divisions in an enterprise need not be in the same building.

Using our community Mesh Network (WiFi) Digital Parish and the internet it is possible to work from your own home studio using a distributed computing methodology.

The distribution of large media files in the GigaByte range can be a problem but this can easily be solved in a healthy or fun way insomuch as you dump the data on to a Stick or HDD and walk it round to your colleagues, in the example below it's a round trip of approx 2miles and a vertical change of 800ft, the second main requirement to a comfy chair is an espresso machine!

That's me in the middle transferring large files via our Motoguzzinet service, much more fun than squirting it down a wire or over the airwaves (WiFi).