Mac Book Pro

1. Clone existing System Drive onto your new SSD ref notes on Cloning


SSD via USB © Phil G

Below is a screen shot Super Duper Cloning Application in operation and Tp Right of screen you can see icons for System Drive and SSD (connected by USB)


SSD via USB © Phil G


Before opening up your computer make sure you have all the tools required and are happy with the procedure. I searched the internet and found a number of how to do it videos

I won't say the procedure was not stressful but if you take care and don't pull or force anything you should be ok


Here you can see the laptop ( Mac Book Pro) with the keyboard lifted exposing the HDD on the Left and Optical Drive on the right the space in the centre is where the battery fits and above you can see the sticks of RAM (green) and at the top left and right cooling fans .



Above you can see the existing HDD in this model it is removed by first removing the clamping strip on the RH side screw heads are visible top and bottom ( bottom one just to the left of the © symbol ).

When this clamping bar which holds the RH side clamping bushes has been removed and any sticky tape there might be the HDD is tilted up from the right and slowly jiggled out of the LH holding bushes.

The SATA connector can then be removed check for fixing tape under drive.
you can see the LH top holding bush on the top left of the above image

Next you need to transfer the holding pins from the HDD to the SSD you will see the pin has a rubber bush that locates into the bushes in the Laptop

SSD has been fitted and only the RH side clamping bar needs to be fitted you can see it above the blue tqx driver when secured the computer can be closed up make sure the keyboard ribbon cable plug is seated in position they can work loose whilst you are furtling about.