Applying Copyright Symbols © and Watermarking your images using

Adobe Photoshop


Copright examples

Examples of types of Copyright marks and symbols applied to a photographic image
Old Oak Tree. Kinder Wood. Hayfield. Kinder Reservoir and Kinder Scout in background
Copyright © Phil G all rights reserved


Intellectual Property Office (IPO)- Photography

IPO on Photographs
"Photographs, digital or on film, are protected by copyright as artistic works. The exact rules relating to copyright in photographs vary according to the law which was in place at the time the photograph was taken."


How to copyright Michelangelo




Put your signature on your work in the form of a copyright notice when you post to the web
Put a large © Copyright Watermark and Proof notice into the image when you let clients have proof copies
Use Copyright Rollovers on your website.
If you do not place any value on your work do not expect others to value it!