Single Lens Reflex (SLR)

SLR Function © Phil Gee


Format : 36 x 24mm (35mm)
Film : 35mm cassette
Lens : Interchangeable
Viewing : Through taking lens via mirror to ground glass
focusing screen then pentaprism to eye
Focusing : Lenses moved by Helical screw mechanism
Shutter : Focal plane
Exposure : Through the Lens metering (TTL)


1. Light weight, portable, relatively easy to use.
2. Interchangeable lenses.
3. Precision of Focusing and Composition.
4. TTL available on most models as standard.
5. Large range of film types and roll lengths available.
6. Power wind and motor drive facilities.
7. Large range of accessories available.
8. Lower cost than single lens medium format.


1. View finder blanked out during exposure.
2. Focal plane shutter is noisy.
3. Limited shutter speeds when using flash
4. No interchangeable backs as standard.
5. No camera movements.
6. Many require battery power to operate.
7. small negative limits degree of enlargement

Obtain manufacturers information on this type of camera and familiarise your self with the operation of same.
For what type of photography would this camera be most suitable?

© 1982 Phil Gee


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