Twin Lens Reflex (SLR)


Twin Lens Reflex © Phil Gee

Format 60x60 mm
Film : 120 220 roll
Lens : Interchangeable
Viewing : Through viewing lens via mirror to ground glass
focusing screen to eye image laterally inverted
Focusing : Lenses moved by Bellows rack mechanism
Shutter : Between the lens
Exposure : Separate meter

Phil's Mamiya TLR


1. Lower cost than single lens medium format
2. Interchangeable lenses.
3. Completely mechanical in operation
4. Large range of film types and two roll lengths available.
5. Image visable during exposure
6. Large range of accessories available.
7. Between the lens Shutter Quiet and can Flash sync at all speeds.


1. Parallax error due to vertical displacement of viewing lens.
2. Negative size limits degree of enlargement
3, No visual check of depth of field
4. image laterally inverted
5, No intrchangable backs


With reference to text book and manufactures data answer the following:

a. Briefly describe the effect of parallax error and how it can be overcome?

b. What lenses do we have available and what arre their shutterspeed and aperture ranges?

Obtain manufacturers information on this type of camera and familiarise your self with the operation of same.
For what type of photography would this camera be most suitable?

© 1982 Phil Gee


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