Fine Tuning exercise part 1

Producing the Reference Negative

You need to produce a set of test images by photographing the test target consisting of the white and Gray sides of a KodaK Gray Card together with a Gray scale.

First determine the Optimum exposure by taking a exposure reading off the Gray card and expose a series at -3stops, -1stop, as metered, +1stop, +3stops and one with lens covered to give a blank frame then repeat the sequence to produce 36 exposures, process our set of test negatives (Gray Card Exposure) for this exercise record film type exposure and development details on back of this sheet.

Repeat the process twice, first reduce the development time from standard and then increase the development time so that you each have a set of three test negatives for the film type, for comparison purposes. As you are likely to be using 400 ASA film I would recommend you repeat the exercise for that and any other fillm you use ( work in groups of three or six and share the work)

You will be able to see intermediate values by inspecting the gray scale.

Looking at the test neatives what can you say about the dynamic range of the material?

Is it affected by variations in the development process?

This exercise needs to be carried out in conjunction with Fine Tuning part 2 - Printing

Negative Test Frames

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