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 Mark and Ed getting an early shower from the "Dry" slope spray system.

Mark is in a Mono Ski and Ed is using a Steerable Sled with two skis

   Mark &  Ed @ Yeovil Dry Slope © Phil Gee

 Jamie in custom Bob © Phil Gee

Jamie 10yrs trying out one of Phil's made to measure monoskis at a local "Dry" slope

   Jamie in Snow © Melanie Gee
     Jamie was able to join his school friends on their Ski Trip to Austria
 Sled Hockey GB v USA © Phil Gee  

Sled Hockey GB v USA © Phil Gee 

Ice Sledge Hockey is a fast and furious contact sport


Ice Sled with Push handle Bristol ©) Phil Gee

The addition of a push handle to a standard sled enables people who cannot push themselves to still experience the thrill of getting on the ice with the help of a friend



Ice Sled Users at Plymouth © Phil Gee


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 Tanny Grey on Ice Sled © Phil Gee

Paralympic Gold Medal Winner Tanny Grey tries out a Racing Ice sled at Cardiff Ice Rink

  all images © HPG all rights reserved

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